Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kids in the Kitchen has launched this year with their first event.  KIK has partnered with Girl's Inc. of Winter Haven.  Every month KIK will work with a different set of girls as part of their after school program.  The goal of KIK is to teach children that eating healthy is important, fun and most definitely yummy!
This first group meet on September 11, and had the opportunity to work with 26 3rd graders.  KIK set up 4 work stations that included 3 fun snack stations and 1 art station.  The 3 healthy snacks included fresh fruits and vegetables that were then made into a caterpillar, a stop light and a silly mouth.  Many of the kids had never tried some of the various peppers that were used to create the stop light.  This snack used a small carrot  stick smeared with cream cheese.  The girls then had to place the different colored peppers in order to match what a real stop light looks like.  The caterpillar used different grapes that were assembled on a skewer and then smeared with  cream cheese frosting.

The smiley face was very popular with apples, peanut butter, mini marshmallows and blue berries!

The final station included a placemat that each girl could color, laminate and take home with them.  This placemat had the food pyramid on it and KIK used this time to teach about all the healthy food choices they should make each day!

The KIK volunteers really enjoyed working with these great girls and are looking forward to next month's activity!  If you want to volunteer next month, make sure to reach out to Jill Bentley.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Connecting Our Members to One Another and Our Community...Piece by Piece

Our theme this year is Connecting Our Members to One Another and Our Community....Piece by Piece. As the Junior League of Greater Winter Haven, we are an organization of extremely talented, motivated, and kind hearted women. WE love helping other people, it's what we do. Each of us individually are small tiny puzzle pieces in the organization, however, together we join all of our pieces together to create this huge puzzle which impacts the Greater Winter Haven area and beyond. Together we join forces with one another as well as our supporting community members and organizations to make lasting change in our community. It takes everyone joining together to host these fundraisers which help support our projects so that we can make a difference. Together, we are the Junior League of Greater Winter Haven. We kicked off our first General Membership meeting with this message shared by our league President, Amy McKee. If you did not attend, we also met in our new location next to the Bean and Grape cafe. It was a great evening of committee updates, new provisionals and fantastic women!